LMC1575ST 1.5 CF NeoChef Countertop Microwave

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NeoChef 1.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel

  • LG's Smart Inverter microwave oven offers precise & even heating
  • EasyClean Anti-Bacterial Coating resists stains and build up
  • LG Sensor Cook automatically adjusts time for optimal cooking

Product Overview


LG NeoChef brings a new sensibility to countertop microwave design. The look is minimal and elegant, one you'll be proud to showcase in your kitchen. The performance is impressive, with the power and precision of the LG smart inverter combined with the ease of Sensor Cooking.

  • Senses optimal temperatures and automatically turns off the microwave, eliminating the guesswork
  • Generous capacity and the splatter-resistant easyclean interior elevate cooking and cleaning convenience to a new level
  • Better defrosting than an ordinary microwave and you'll get alternating blasts of full power followed by a periods of no power until the timer goes off
  • Smart inverter has precise, variable power that provides more even cooking and better defrosting; food is heated evenly all the way through-with no more cold centers or overcooked edges
  • LG's easyclean interior - assisted by Anti-Bacterial Coating - resists stains and buildup, so cleaning your microwave doesn't have to be a chore. Simply wipe with a damp cloth-no chemicals, no scrubbing, no problem
  • Intuitive smoothtouch glass controls easily wipes clean and not only look sleek, but makes operating your range a snap with just a touch of your finger
  • Rely on your LG microwave with a 10-year warranty on the Magnetron
  • Hexagonal-shaped stabilizer ring on LG NeoChef microwaves provides 6 wheels for the turntable to rest upon instead of just 3
  • Added support means you can place even tall or heavy items anywhere you like without fear of them tipping over while heating
  • With sensor cooking eliminate the guesswork in cooking
  • Humidity-sensing technology determines when food is cooked and automatically turns off the microwave to help prevent the over- or under-cooking of meals
  • Bright LED lighting makes it easy to check on the progress of your food while offering greater energy efficiency than traditional lighting
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