75un7370pue LG - 75" Class UN7370 Series LED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV

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LG - 75" Class UN7370 Series LED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV

TV resolution.

Screen resolution has come a long way in the last few years. We witnessed a jump in clarity and color quality when 4K Ultra HD TVs came on the scene. And now 8K Ultra HD is here. Both 4K and 8K are types of Ultra High Definition (also called Ultra HD, or UHD). So, what's the difference? And, what should you be looking for when it comes to screen resolution? Check out the resolution chart below for a quick guide.


Lines of resolution



High definition (HD)



The original HD. High Definition TVs provide double the resolution of any analog TV

Full HD


2.1 million

Twice the clarity of standard HD, delivering impressive resolution on smaller screens



8 million

Superior pixel power delivers four times the resolution of Full HD on any screen size



33 million

An unbeatable 33 million pixels for exquisite resolution on really big screens


As lines of resolution and the total number of pixels increase, you get a more lifelike picture. 4K TVs boast four times the resolution of Full HD. 8K TVs offer an even larger jump in pixels — 33 million per screen. Another advantage of 4K or 8K UHD is high dynamic range (HDR). This technology applies an even greater range of color and contrast to your images. Most of these advanced TVs also feature upconverting technology which displays any signal at nearly 4K or 8K resolution.


Which TV size is best?



When it comes to screen size, it’s rare for someone to wish they had purchased a smaller TV. Why? With the incredibly lifelike picture and outstanding detail of a 4K or 8K TV, even a bigger screen in a smaller room can be a great choice. These screen resolutions let you sit closer to the screen without sacrificing detail. So, instead of thinking about the distance from the screen to the sofa, consider the size you’ll need to fill your space.

To find the TV size that fits best, check out the AR Viewer on our mobile app to see how a TV will look in your home.

You can also schedule a free Virtual In-Home Consultation with an Advisor who can help you measure and choose the right TV for any space.

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