Beautyrest BR800 12" Medium Mattress,Full

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Beautyrest BR800 12" Medium Mattress,Full


The Beautyrest® BR800 12” medium mattress. The Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® springs move individually to support the natural shape of your body, and diffuse movement for a peaceful, undisturbed rest. Featuring 800 Series Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® Technology that provides flexible support precisely where it is needed and isolates motion between two sleepers.

The DualCool™ Technology found in the BR800, is an antimicrobial performance layer that works to keep your mattress fresh and cool while moving heat and moisture away. Combined a layer of AirCool® Foam which has a channeled design that allows airflow through the mattress.


Adjustable Base Friendly icon image
Adjustable Base Friendly
Elevating the top and/or bottom of your mattress provides targeted support to help reduce snoring, provide pain relief and make reading and watching TV more comfortable.
Cooling Technology icon image
Cooling Technology
Temperature-regulating components and materials draw heat away from the body to create a cool and comfortable sleep surface.
DualCool™ Technology

Sleep at your ideal temperature as the DualCool™ Technology in the antimicrobial performance layer channels heat and moisture away from your body. This keeps you, your mattress, and your bedding fresh and dry.

Eco Friendly icon image
Eco Friendly
By working with manufacturers to reduce carbon emissions, utilize recycled materials and create biodegradable products, we're caring for you and the planet.
Motion Separation icon image
Motion Separation
The goal of motion separation is to isolate movement, helping to reduce what you feel (like your partner tossing and turning) and offer pressure relief to your shoulders, hips, and back.
Beautyrest BR800 Medium Mattress
800 Series Plush Pocketed Coil

The Beautyrest® Plush Pocketed Coil® Technology, with an 800-coil density, provides flexible support for your entire body. Each coil is wrapped in a durable fabric sleeve to isolate motion between you and your partner, so you get a more peaceful sleep.

Support icon image
Proper support from your mattress can alleviate common sleep problems from snoring to soreness to sleep apnea as it distributes your weight evenly across the mattress and maintains proper joint and spine alignment.
Beautyrest BR800 Medium Mattress
800 Series Plush Pocketed Coil

The trusted Beautyrest® Plush Pocketed Coil® Technology provides flexible support precisely where you need it. It also isolates motion between you and your partner. So you sleep peacefully, even when your partner is tossing and turning.

Breathable icon image
Breathable materials regulate body temperature and prevent heat buildup to create a cooler sleep experience.
DualCool™ Technology

You, your bedding, and your mattress stay fresh and dry with Beautyrest's DualCool™ Technology. It features fibers enhanced with silver, which provide antimicrobial performance, moisture wicking, and heat dissipation.



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