CTS70DM2N2S5 Café™ 30" Smart Single Wall Oven with Convection in Platinum Glass

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Product Overview

An image of a kitchen with sleek Cafe appliances is superimposed over a woman dressed in trendy clothes that match the kitchen.

Create a Kitchen That’s a Total Reflection of You

The Modern Glass collection combines powerful performance with a smooth platinum glass finish that reflects the visuals of your kitchen.

A stylish kitchen with marble countertops house a selection of Cafe appliances

Performance That Entertains

Cafe appliances were inspired by professional kitchens.Their superior performance and unique features make simple meals or large gatherings a culinary spectacle.

A close up of the full-color display.The precision cooking mode has been set to prepare beef tenderloin.

Precision Cooking

Prepare any recipe with confidence thanks to a smart system that automatically tracks progress, modifies temperatures and adjusts cook times.

A gourmet pizza and a glass of wine rest on a marble slab in front of the wall oven.

No Preheating Required

Save time with a variety of Precision Cooking modes that eliminate the need for preheating.

The wall oven's LCD screen shows a selection of options for cooking, baking, broiling, and more.

7 In.Full Color LCD

Easily navigate wall oven settings using a stunning full color display that adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

Lines draw an outline of a wall oven in an elegant kitchen.Arrows on the edges measure the area of the appliance

Cafe Fits

Cafe wall ovens are guaranteed for an exact fit, or Cafe Appliances will pay up to $300 toward modifications.

A roast is pulled out of the oven.The convection fan is clearly visible in the back of the cavity.

True European Convection

Ensure uniform temperature and airflow to achieve perfectly baked or roasted results every time you cook in the oven.

An icon of a ribbon with a checkmark in the center of it.


Buy with confidence, thanks to an extensive warranty plan.

An icon of a wall oven.Arrows inside the cavity show the airflow of the heat.

True Convection

Ensure even results, using the only system that delivers True European Convection with Direct Air.

An icon of a home.Signal waves from the center of the house illustrate the home’s wifi capabilities.

Smart Home Capable

Sync your wall oven with the latest interactive home technology.

An icon of a wall oven.Arrows measure the capacity of the oven's cavity.


Prepare multiple dishes simultaneously using the spacious 5.0 cu.ft.oven.

An icon of a sponge wiping away dirt.The path it leaves behind sparkles


Enjoy the convenience of self-cleaning wall ovens with a Steam Clean option.

An icon of an electrical cord and plug with a disconnect in the center, signifying certain features being deactivated while in Shabbos mode.

Sabbath Mode

Disable all electrical activity in observance of religious holidays and traditional holy times.

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