GE - Stainless Steel Interior Fingerprint Resistant Dishwasher with Hidden Controls - Stainless steel

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Appliances That Bring Good Things, To Life

Whether you're doing dishes, laundry or cooking, GE Appliances products are designed for real life.

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Built By The Appliance Brand You Trust

Dishwashers from GE Appliances bring durability and long-lasting performance to your home, so you never miss a beat.

Shot of half dry and half wet cup and fan in the background to show a Normal Dry Cycle vs. Dry Boost with Fan Assist

Dry Boost with Fan Assist

Get hard-to-dry items up to three times drier, and significantly improve drying performance with a new dual-wattage element.

Shot of woman's hand placing a bottle on the bottle jet inside the dishwasher

Bottle Jets

Achieve the ultimate clean with four jets integrated into the upper rack that clean hard-to-reach areas inside tall items.

Tight shot of dishes in the dishwasher with steam surrounding them to sanitize dishes

Steam + Sani

Powerful steam eliminates the need for pre-rinsing and soaking while a high-temperature rinse sanitizes dishes and reduces bacteria by 99.999%.

Tight shot of the bottom of the dishwasher installed with Active Flood Protect icon overlay

Active Flood Protect

Rest easy knowing potential leaks are being prevented before they occur thanks to an internal water sensor.

Tight shot showing a split screen of two dishwashers, one side showing the top rack loaded with dishes and one showing the lower rack loaded.

Wash Zones

Save time and water with energy-efficient wash zones, which allow you to wash a true half-load on the upper or lower rack.

An icon of a shield with a fingerprint in the center. A small sparkle is superimposed in the bottom right corner.

Fingerprint Resistant Stainless

A stainless finish that makes it easy to keep your appliances free of smudges and prints.

An icon of the dishwasher’s interior. Arrows show the upper shelf being raised and lowered to fit large items on the upper and lower racks.

Adjustable Upper Rack

Easily wash plates and tall items that previously wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher with a quick adjustment of the upper rack.

An icon of a clock with a drop of water superimposed in the corner, demonstrating the wash cycle

One-Hour Wash

Enjoy a quality clean even when you’re short on time thanks to a quick but effective single-hour wash.

An icon of the dishwasher's interior. Waves from the sensor demonstrate it sensing and optimizing for the best wash.

Autosense Cycle

Maximize your energy savings without sacrificing performance thanks to an intelligent wash cycle that automatically adjusts based on soil levels.

An icon of a complete, sparkling set of dishware.

Extra-Large Capacity Dishwasher

Easily wash up to sixteen place settings in this large capacity dishwasher that's perfect for cleaning up after family meal.

An icon of the appliance viewed from a corner looking down. Lines designate and measure the height, width, and depth of the appliance.

Product Dimensions

W 24 in. x H 23.75 in. x D 34 in.

GE appliances provide up-to-date technology and exceptional quality to simplify the way you live. With a timeless appearance, this family of appliances is ideal for your family. And, coming from one of the most trusted names in America, you know that this entire selection of appliances is as advanced as it is practical.
  • Dry Boost with Fan Assist - Gets hard-to-dry items up to 3 times drier than heated dry cycles compared to heated dry option
  • Bottle Jets -Clean hard-to-reach areas inside tall items with up to 4 dedicated jets integrated into the upper rack that shower water deep inside for the ultimate clean
  • Wash Zones - Wash a true half-load in either the upper or lower rack without sacrificing cycles and options available on a full wash
  • Steam and Sani - Loosens tough soils before any cycle virtually eliminating the need for soaking or pre-rinsing dishes. Plus a High-temperature rinse sanitizes and reduces 99.999% of bacteria found on dishes
  • 1-Hour Wash - Enjoy a quality clean when youre short on time
  • Fingerprint Resistant Stainless - Easily wipe away smudges and fingerprints for a look that's always sparkling clean
  • Optional 6 ft. power cord for installation sold seperately (GPFCORD)
  • Piranha Hard Food Disposer -To ensure consistently clean items, this stainless steel blade rotates at 3,600 RPM to pulverize food particles and helps to prevent large particles from clogging the wash arms
  • AutoSense cycle - Automatically adjusts to soil level to maximize energy savings and ensure clean dishes
  • 16 Place Setting Capacity -Easily clean dishes after large gatherings thanks to extra capacity that holds up to 16 place settings
  • 48 dBA -Ultra-quiet operation creates a peaceful kitchen environment even as it delivers powerful wash performance
  • Hidden Controls
  • Approx. Dimensions (in.) - 34 in. H x 23-3/4 in. W x 24 in. D
  • 1-year entire appliance warranty
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