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  • Reliable PerformanceAmerican made, this dishwasher is durable, long-lasting and dependable. Its consistent performance will give you totally clean and dry dishes with every cycle
  • Water Leak SensorThis dishwasher features Active Flood Protect, which prevents potential overflows for greater peace of mind. It works by using a water leak detector to sense when water is too high, pumping it out until a safe level is reached.
  • One Button CycleThis easy-to-use dishwasher has a one button cycle, so there’s never confusion about which cycle you’re using.
  • Completely Washed and Dry DishesThis dishwasher has thorough wash and dry cycles, so you’ll always unload clean and dry dishes
  • Heavy-Duty/Everyday Wash CyclesActivate a heavy-duty wash cycle for the dirtiest loads by pressing the wash button twice, or activate an everyday cycle for normal loads by pressing the wash button once
  • Hard Food DisposerThe Piranha Hard Food Disposer lets you use your dishwasher without pre-rinsing. Its stainless steel impellers rotate at 3,600 RPM to pulverize food particles and an anti-jamming design make sure wash arms stay unclogged.
  • 60 dBA DishwasherThis quiet dishwasher provides a powerful clean without unwanted noise or disturbances. A status light on the door lets you know when it's running.
  • Durable DesignThis low-maintenance dishwasher is easy to install and designed to last, so you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • Upper & Lower RacksThis dishwasher has a top rack and a bottom rack, so you can load dishes however you want.
  • Large CapacityThis large capacity dishwasher has enough space for 12 place settings and large dishware, making cleanup easy after large gatherings.
  • Silverware BasketA removable silverware basket makes it easy to load and unload utensils
  • Sleek, Modern LookThe exterior appearance of this dishwasher looks great in any kitchen.
  • Flush InstallationCabinet-depth flush installation ensures your dishwasher blends in with the design of your kitchen without sacrificing space for dishes inside
  • Top or Side Mount Installation BracketsEasily mount the dishwasher under your countertop or to the side of your cabinets using installation brackets for any type of countertop
  • Built-Up Floor CapableThis dishwasher has adjustable heights, making it easy to install over built-up floors.


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