KSTAT14-2HC Keystone 14,000 BTU Thru-the-Wall Air Conditioner w/ Heat

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Keystone 14,000 BTU Thru-the-Wall Air Conditioner w/ Heat

Product Overview

One of the largest Keystone models, the KSTAT14-2HC 14,000 BTU Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with Heat delivers a performance that few other ACs can match. Built for providing year-round comfort to hotel rooms, offices, basements, and other rooms as large as 700 square feet, it’ll consistently leave you and your guests more comfortable. Powerful comfort doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s not with the energy efficient settings found one this easy-to-use air conditioner.

Note: This 230-volt unit is designed for through-the-wall installation and the wall sleeve is sold separately.

Powerful Cooling and Heating

The Keystone KSTAT14-2HC and its multiple operating modes is your one-stop appliance for comfort all year long.

  • Cooling: Use up to 14,000 BTUs of power to quickly cool off on even the hottest days of the year.
  • Heating: Capable of 10,600 BTUs of supplemental heat, you’ll stay warm and toasty indoors when the temperature drops outside.
  • Multiple Fan Speeds: Manually choose between 3 fan speed (low, medium, high) to find the perfect airflow for you.
  • Auto Mode: Choose your desired room temperature between 62 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and this mode will automatically choose the best operating mode and fan speed to achieve it.

Lower Your Cooling and Heating Costs

With its variety of energy-saving features, the Keystone 14,000 BTU Through-the-Wall AC is designed to keep you comfortable without wasting energy.

  • Energy Saver Mode: When engaged, this feature reduces energy usage by using the fan to check your room's temperature, and only turns the compressor on when it rises above your set point.
  • Sleep Mode: Lower energy usage while you sleep with this setting that gradually increases the temperature without interrupting your rest.
  • Follow Me Feature: The remote control is able to operate as a remote thermostat, reading the temperature where it’s at in the room, and relaying the information to the AC.

Additional Features

  • Moisture Removal: When it starts feeling a little muggy indoors, turn to dry mode and remove 2.5 pints of excess moisture every hour.
  • Electronic Control Panel: Easy-touch electronic controls with an LED display makes operation simple.
  • Programmable Timer: Set this Keystone air conditioner to automatically turn on or off in advance.
  • Automatic Restart: If a power outage occurs, the unit will resume operation in its previous settings.
  • Quiet Operation: Even on its highest fan speed, this AC is still a quiet 61 decibels.
  • Multiple Airflow Directions: Adjust airflow to the areas you need it most with its 4-way adjustable louvers.
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