ME18H704SFS Samsung 1.8 Cu.Ft. OTR Microwave

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When you're looking for a new microwave because your old one died, it can be confusing to navigate through all the options, especially if your old one was 20 years old. To find the microwave that will best suit your needs and home, we created the   This guide will help you decide what kinds of features are necessary for you. If after reading the microwave buying guide you decide you need an over-the-range microwave, then check out the Samsung ME18H704SFS.
is a standard sized, over-the-range microwave. It has
1.8 cu. ft capacity
and 1,000 watts of cooking power. With those specs, you have the ability to warm up just about anything of any size! You also have the standard ten power levels. The turntable inside to keep food from getting overcooked on one-side can be turned on and off, so you can cook those large, square dishes, as well.
Inside the microwave oven, a
ceramic enamel interior
is strong and scratch resistant. It's easier to clean and very durable. A
reusable filter
is in an easily accessible spot and can be washed with soap and water. Rather than having to buy new filters every six months, now you can save for more important needs.
As far as cooking goes, several
preset cooking options
are available to help you make the best microwave dishes ever! Just some of the preset options include
FitChoice, Kids Meals, and Snacks
. There are also
Sensor cooking and Auto Defrost
settings to help you prepare meals. You don't have to think about what is the right time and power level on the food. Sensor cooking does that for you!
Over-the-range microwaves are meant to be multi-taskers. That means they act as more than just a microwave. They are also responsible for venting your kitchen and acting as an extra light. The
halogen cooking light
can be switched on to give a bit of added light on your cooking projects. It also has a timer so you can make it stay on for a certain time frame, letting it shut off automatically. A
4-speed fan
gives you the ability to remove nasty fumes and odors from the kitchen, so you're not ran out of your home when something goes awry. It also has a "delay off," so you can set it to work on your time. The great thing about the venting system with this microwave is how quiet it it, even on the highest setting! It won't sound like a train is passing through your kitchen.
This stainless steel
Samsung ME18H704SFS
will fit in nicely with your other stainless steel appliances, no matter what their brand. The
blue LED display
looks excellent and helps make choosing options simple. A
child safety lock
stops unwanted use of the microwave, while an
helps you save money on electricity by saving energy when the display isn't needed.
It's obvious there's a lot of awesome features in the


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