MZBZ1715D 30 in. Width 1.7 cu. Ft. Smart BLACK Stainless Steel Built-In Microwave and Speed Oven with Convection and Air Fry

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30 Inch Single Speed Electric Smart Wall Oven & Microwave with 1.7 cu. ft. Total Capacity, TurboCook™, Convection Technology, Sensor Cooking, Air Fry, Wi-Fi Enabled, Scan-to-Cook, and SmartDiagnosis™: Black Stainless Steel

  • 1.7 cu. ft. TurboCook™ Speed Oven
  • Save time and skip the preheat with instant-on Infrared Heating™
  • Air Fry crunchy favorites while saving counter space

Speed Oven, Convection Oven, Microwave - this all-in one cooking appliance gives you the flexibility and speed you need to get meals done fast without sacrificing results. LG TurboCook Speed Oven lets you bake, broil and more up to 4 times faster than a traditional oven. Air Fry healthier versions of your favorite snacks while saving counter space. Take the guesswork out of cook times with Sensor Cooking technology and preset cooking functions. The intuitive and easy to clean SmoothTouch glass controls not only look sleek, but makes operating a snap with just a touch of your finger.

  • LG TurboCook speed oven gives you the speed of a microwave without sacrificing results, that save time and skip the preheat with instant-on Infrared Heating that heats lightning fast and delivers oven-quality results every time
  • Air Fry crunchy favorites like wings, fries and more while saving counter space, high temperatures and the convection fan work together to deliver the flavor and crunch you crave with little to no oil
  • LG's Convection Technology means your microwave really can serve as a second oven, letting you bake or roast your favorite food in less time
  • Humidity-sensing technology determines when food is cooked and automatically turns off the microwave to help prevent the over- or under-cooking of meals
  • Take the guesswork out of cooking, and let the preset cooking functions take over when you need to defrost, reheat, melt and more, with over 50 options to choose from, we've got you covered from frozen to fresh, apps to entrees
  • Use the ThinQ app to start the oven and set timers or check on dinner from anywhere
  • LG ThinQ's Scan-to-cook feature takes the guesswork out of frozen food meal prep, simply scan the barcode* from the ready-made meal from the ThinQ app to remotely set oven temperature and cooking time
  • Intuitive SmoothTouch glass controls look modern and elegant, plus they make operating your oven a snap, the Best of all, the smooth surface is easy to wipe clean for design that pays off in its practicality
  • The microwave oven has 4 preset defrost cycles that conveniently chimes during the mode to remind you to check, turn over, separate or rearrange the food
  • Add :30 increments while microwave cooking with the touch of a button

30 Inch Single Speed Electric Smart Wall Oven & Microwave with 1.7 cu. ft. Total Capacity
Update your kitchen with LG's Speed Smart Wall Oven. It has the convenience of a microwave oven with the precision and versatility of a convection oven. Control all tasks with the sleek and easy-to-use SmoothTouch™ glass panel controls, and the WideView™ Window provides a complete view of whatever you have inside the oven.

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