WGD4950HW WHR Air Vented - Dryer TL Matching - 29# WOD - GAS

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7.0 cu. ft. 120-Volt White Gas Vented Dryer with AUTODRY Drying System

  • Help prevent overdrying with the AUTODRY drying system
  • Pairs best with Washer WTW4950HW
  • Help keep wrinkles from setting with the WRINKLE SHIELD option

Product Overview

Care for the whole family's fabrics with this large capacity top load dryer. Choose between the AutoDry system, which helps prevent overdrying, or Timed Dry, which lets you manually control your drying schedule. Help keep wrinkles from setting in with the Wrinkle Shield option and easily transfer loads from the washer to this automatic dryer with a wide-opening hamper door.
  • AutoDry Drying System: Help prevent overdrying with the AutoDry drying system that senses when clothes have reached the right moisture content and stops the cycle.
  • Wrinkle Shield Option: Helps keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes with intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends.
  • Hamper Door: Easily transfer loads from the washer to the dryer and from the dryer to the laundry basket without worrying about clean clothes falling on the floor with this wide-opening door.
  • Timed Dry: Take control of your time. For those occasional times that damp load needs a little extra dry time or when using a drying rack, set the control and you can get your fabrics dried on your schedule.
  • 3 Drying Temperatures: Choose between three drying temperatures for fabric care that fits your family's needs
  • 7.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity: With a 7.0 cu. ft. capacity dryer drum, there's plenty of room to easily handle large loads and bulky items.
  • Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the U.S.A
  • Number of Dryer Cycles: 14
  • Drying Cycle Selections: Automatic Dry; Energy Preferred; Fluff Air 10; Fluff Air 20; Fluff Air 30; Heavy Duty; Less Dry; More Dry; Timed Dry 20; Timed Dry 30; Timed Dry 40; Timed Dry 50; Timed Dry 60; Timed Dry 70
  • Dryer Option Selections: Damp Dry Signal; Freshen Up; Wrinkle Shield
  • Temperature Selections: High: Low; Medium
  • Drum Material: Powder Coat
  • Control Location: Rear panel

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