DF60R8200DG AirDresser with Steam and Sanitize Cycle, Wi-Fi Enabled, Deodorizing Filter in Dark Black

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NEW DF60R8200DG AirDresser with Steam and Sanitize Cycle, Wi-Fi Enabled, Deodorizing Filter in Dark Black

  • Steam: Refresh clothing inside and out while relaxing wrinkles
  • Sanitize Cycle: Eliminate 99.9% of common bacteria and dust mites
  • Easy Installation: Installs with one simple step - plug it in

Refresh & Sanitize


Setup with one simple step

Easy Installation

Simply plug your AirDresser into a standard 120V outlet and you’re all set. No separate water line or professional installation necessary – the refillable water reservoir is all you need. Filtered water is required.

Odor-elimination technology keeps things fresh

Deodorizing Filter

Eliminate 99% of stubborn odors that linger in fabrics caused by smoke, perspiration and food with AirDresser’s built-in deodorizing filter.*

Control in the palm of your hand

Wi-Fi Connectivity

With the SmartThings app, remotely start, pause, receive notifications and get cycle recommendations right on your phone so you can care for your clothes from anywhere.*

Enhance your clothing with a favorite scent

Fresh Finish™

Freshen up your garments and reduce static cling by inserting a dryer sheet into the built-in Fresh Finish™ compartment.*


Gentle, low-heat drying

Heat Pump Drying

Spend less time caring for delicates or waiting for your raincoat to dry with lower-temp Heat Pump Drying, which reduces the risk of heat damage and shrinking.

Renew pant pleats in less time

Weight Kit

Speed up your ironing routine with our weight kit, which helps renew pant pleats and smooth out wrinkles to keep pants looking their best.


Ditch the rubber gloves

Self Clean

With Self Clean technology, eliminate odors and buildup inside your AirDresser and even receive reminders when you’re due for a cleaning every 40 cycles.


Easily descale with reminders

After removing all garments, tap and hold Sanitize and Drying for 3 seconds. Then, empty the Refill and Drain tanks and fill the Refill tank up to the MAX line with liquid descaling agent diluted with filtered water as recommended by the manufacturer. Tap and hold Start/Pause to start descaling. For more information, visit https://www.samsung.com/us/care/AirDresser

Better clothing care with less humidity


By leaving the AirDresser’s door open and using the dehumidifying feature, AirDresser will remove excess moisture from any room or closet.


All you need to know with our guides

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Easy Installation
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