PDT785SYNFS Profile 24 in. Stainless Steel Top Control Smart Built-In Tall Tub Dishwasher with 3rd Rack and Ultra Quiet 39 dBA

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Profile 24 in. Stainless Steel Top Control Smart Built-In Tall Tub Dishwasher with 3rd Rack and Ultra Quiet 39 dBA

  • 39 dBA quiet, but powerful and efficient cleaning
  • Twin Turbo Dry Boost dries items up to 3x more
  • Wirelessly control with your smartphone and voice commands
  • Product Overview

    Image of man and woman interacting in kitchen

    Modern Appliances For Modern Life

    GE Profile’s cutting-edge features make life easier so you can multitask with ease.

    Set shot of dishwasher installed

    Make Your Home A True Smart Home

    GE Profile dishwashers integrate seamlessly with your smart home, letting you have full control of your kitchen.

    Shot of half dry and half wet blender bottle and Twin Turbo Fan to show a Normal Dry Cycle vs. Dry Boost

    Dryer Dishes Guaranteed

    Twin Turbo Dry Boost has dual fans and heating elements to ensure a complete dry, even on plastics.

    Hand holding phone to check the dishwasher status

    Built-In WiFi

    Monitor cycle status, check rinse aid levels and automatically reorder detergent through the SmartHQ app.

    Shot of dishwasher cycle running and silverware jets cleaning the utensils in the unit

    Deep Clean Silverware Jets

    Powerful jets effortlessly blast away stuck-on food and will always leave silverware spotless, no matter how you load it.

    Tight shot of the bottom of the dishwasher installed with Active Flood Protect icon overlay

    Leak Defense with Active Flood Protect

    Get notified of potential leaks thanks to internal sensors that recognize and prevent potential overflow prior to flooding, while a large pan will help contain leaks.

    Shot of woman's hand placing a bottle on the bottle jet inside the dishwasher

    Bottle Jets

    Achieve the ultimate clean with four jets integrated into the upper rack that clean hard-to-reach- areas inside tall items.

    An icon of a spatula and measuring cups, sparkling after a wash in the third rack.

    Third Rack

    A convenient third rack provides the perfect place for miscellaneous items like kitchen utensils.

    An icon of a shield with a fingerprint in the center. A small sparkle is superimposed in the bottom right corner.

    Fingerprint Resistant Stainless

    A stainless finish that makes it easy to keep your appliances free of smudges and prints.

    An icon of the dishwasher with its door open. A cloud of steam sanitizes everything inside the cavity.

    Steam + Sani

    Powerful steam eliminates the need for pre-rinsing and soaking while a high-temperature rinse sanitizes dishes and reduces bacteria by 99.999%.

    An icon of the dishwasher’s interior. Arrows show the upper shelf being raised and lowered to fit large items on the upper and lower racks.

    Adjustable Upper Rack

    An adjustable, full-extension upper rack makes loading and unloading even tall dishes smooth and simple.

    An icon of the dishwasher’s rust-proof garbage disposal. Chunks of food are broken down as the blade spins, preventing the wash arms from clogging.

    Piranha Food Disposer

    An integrated food disposer helps prevent clogs by pulverizing food particles with a stainless steel blade.

    An icon of the appliance viewed from a corner looking down. Lines designate and measure the height, width, and depth of the appliance.


    W 23.75 in. x H 34 in. x D 24 in.

    GE Profile products offer the best in contemporary design matched with the latest in appliance technologies to transform the way you live. Sporting a bold, dramatic look and state of the art features. This collection provides the perfect combination of style and innovation throughout your kitchen.
    • Twin Turbo Dry Boost - Ensure a complete dry with every cycle, thanks to a dual fan system and inline heater that provide exceptional performance, even with plastics
    • Wi-Fi Connect - Monitor cycle status, check rinse aid levels and automatically reorder detergent using your mobile device
    • Deep Clean Silverware Jets - No matter how you load your silverware basket, powerful jets blast away stuck-on food for silverware thats always spotless
    • Leak Defense with Active Flood Protect - Uncommon leaks can be easily detected and contained
    • Bottle Jets - Clean hard-to-reach areas inside tall items with up to 4 dedicated jets integrated into the upper rack that shower water deep inside for the ultimate clean
    • 3rd Rack - Now theres a place for miscellaneous items and gadgets, thanks to an additional rack at the top of the dishwasher thats ideal for plastic lids, pizza slicers and more
    • Fingerprint Resistant Stainless - An advanced finish that easily wipes away fingerprints to keep your appliances clean
    • Pirahna Hard Food Disposer - To ensure consistently clean items, this stainless steel blade rotates at 3,600 RPM to pulverize food particles and helps to prevent large particles from clogging the wash arms
    • 1-Hour Wash - Enjoy a quality clean when youre short on time
    • Steam and Sani - Loosens tough soils before any cycle virtually eliminating the need for soaking or pre-rinsing dishes. Plus a High-temperature rinse sanitizes and reduces 99.999% of bacteria found on dishes
    • 16 place settings - Extra capacity to ensure easy cleanup from your largest gatherings
    • 39 dBA - Ultra-quiet operation creates a peaceful kitchen environment even as it delivers powerful wash performance
    • Approximate Dimensions (in.) - 34 in. H x 23-3/4 in. W x 24 in. D
    • Limited 1-year entire appliance warranty
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