Windster 36W in. WS-55 Series Under Cabinet Range Hood, Silver

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Windster Ws-5536 530 Cfm 36" Wide Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood - Stainless

Product details


  • Includes a powerful 530 CFM built-in blower, ideal for quickly clearing your kitchen of unwanted air pollution
  • Easy to clean dishwasher safe cup filters trap and remove unwanted contaminants such as grease and odors
  • Bathe your cook top in the warm glow of 1 compact fluorescent bulb
  • Rocker 2-speed controls provide for unparalleled mastery of your kitchen environment
  • Beautiful and stylish stainless steel construction
  • Optional ductless conversion kit available (see model number WS-5536DK, sold separately)

Product Technologies:

    • Seamless Design: All Windster range hoods make use of manufacturing and design techniques that eliminate panel gap which is frequently found on competing products. A seamless design adds a decidedly upscale visual appeal while also contributing to the product's overall durability. Airflow efficiencies are also noteworthy as there is no other avenue for air to enter the hood besides what's being drawn in by the blower unit. Windster prides itself in offering all of its customers a high-quality, beautiful and long-lasting design.
    • Recirculating Range Hood (Optional): Optional recirculating range hoods can function either as a ventilated (ducted) or recirculating (ductless) unit. Recirculating range hoods require no external venting of air. Instead, air is pushed through a charcoal filtration system that removes pollutants before circulating it back into the home. The benefit of such a system is that household temperatures and humidity are easier to maintain, as the internal air never leaves the kitchen. A recirculating range hood is also generally far easier to install, as complex ventilation systems and vent pipe are not required.


  • CFM: 530
  • Width: 36"
  • Depth: 20.875"
  • Height: 6.75"
  • Height Above Cooktop: 27" to 33"
  • Voltage: 120
  • Sones: 5.4
  • Speeds: 2
  • Duct Discharge: Vertical
Product Variations:
  • WS-5530: 530 CFM 30 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • WS-5536 (This Model): 530 CFM 36 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • WS-5542: 530 CFM 42 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • Windster WS-5536
  • WS-55 Collection
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